What about that dollar? A Decade of Change and Generosity

Anyone who knows me well knows it was difficult for me to have this party and not try to do any fundraising or philanthropy. I truly just wanted to give the gift of a night of fun to all of you. I couldn’t let it all slide, though. So here is why I asked you to bring a dollar.

I want to enter the decade with the symbolism of giving, generosity, and purpose. So after we toast to the all new 20s and share our joy of being together, I would like to you take out your dollar and give it away. I’d love for you to do it with the feel and spirit of starting this year and this decade with purpose and giving. Just muster up all the good feels as you give away your dollar to anyone at all. Celebrate the act of giving with me as we enter into the 20s. It may seem silly, but for me, I imagine hundreds of moments of pure giving in this dollars, and I think it’s a lovely and perfect way to begin anew. Cheers!

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