One More Week! Excited?

It’s Christmas Eve and one week until we ring in those 20s, so I’m pretty excited – how about you? If you have any questions, please ask any time 🙂

Here are some random updates:

I scheduled a snapchat filter for us, but for some reason, they wouldn’t let me have 11pm until midnight. We do have it from 8p-11p then midnight to 3a. If you feel like saving any and sending them to me, I would love it.

I was going to have programs for you, but the main point of having them was to give you a checklist of the photo opportunities. Since I won’t know the specifics until it’s to late to print, I will try to just post them here that evening.

Everything is covered, so you do not need to tip bartenders or anyone else – save that cash in case we go to the casino afterwards lol.

I hope no one is drinking and driving, but if anyone is driving safely, don’t forget to use our valet by the venue and I will be covering those charges. If you are staying at the Ritz, it is charged to you, so I won’t be able to cover it.

We are pretty much all set, so I will post again New Year’s Eve with your photo list and other news – can’t wait to see you! Cheers and Merry Christmas 🙂

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