The dog you see in most of my pictures is the Loch Ness Monster - she is my philanthrodog and attends many events. Nessie is my mascot and friend and seems to make people happy wherever she goes- unless she's barking, which scares everyone, even though she's rather harmless (<----- thinks she's a cat). Nessie has a cat named Frog . We also have a Frog named Kitty. I have a pet sloth named Speedy. You can find out more about her on Facebook: Speedy the Sloth

Lighter Side 

2013 RAINN Hope Award


RAINN: Donor, Fundraiser, (Trained) Volunteer Online Hotline Staffer, National Leadership Council member, Speakers Bureau Member, other projects

RAINN: Recipient of the 2013 Hope Award for Leadership in Fighting Sexual Violence and Helping Survivors

Advancement Committee Member St. Martin de Porres High School 

Advocacy Association CARE Center of Akron Children's Hospital

Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit Counties: Hospital Advocate and Committee Member Akron Walk a Mile

Development and Assistance with Greek chapters of Kent State University on various projects

​RAINN Liaison with Kent State University SongFest 2013 for RAINN

Speaker for various events

Managing Member Matthews Family Foundation LLC 

Founder/CEO Grace Initiative Foundation Tree

Writer and graphic artist currently authoring and illustrating self-help/inspirational books 

High Points (past and present)

Friend, Mom, Daughter, Sister,Philanthropist, Advocate, Sentinel, Supporter, Donor, Author, Illustrator, Speaker, Listener, Survivor, Laugher, Crier, Smiler, Hoper, Helper, Leader, Artist, Reader, Animal Lover, Thinker, Sharer, Worker, Participant,

Observer, Dreamer, Gamer, and so much more.  

My Story


I live my life constantly inspired and motivated by the world around me: people, places, things, words, images, sounds, smells, tastes, motion, color, light, dark, shaped, and so many things. I try to take these things and combine and form them into inspirations for others. Most recently, I have done that in the form of tiny stories with illustrations in the book, "every day a hope." 
I am a philanthropist, advocate, author, illustrator and so many other things. My purpose in life can be generalized into "helping people," which I do both personally and professionally every day. Some of the causes where I and my family regularly provide support, advocacy, volunteering and more are:

The CARE Center (Child At Risk Evaluation) and other areas of Akron Children's Hospital
RAINN (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network)
because i said i would
Saint Martin de Porres High School
Walk 4 Babies
The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
Friends of Hudson Parks
Akron Human Society
Wounded Warriors
​Causes related to Abuse, Rape, and Violence

Over the years, I have worked with fraternities and sororities on various philanthropic events for different causes. I had already begun supporting and volunteering with before I felt impelled to train to help survivors of sexual violence.  From there I have expanded into working on RAINN's online hotline, being a member of RAINN's National Leadership Council and a member of their Speakers Bureau, among other things. I am a trained and certified advocate and have also worked as a hospital advocate with the Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit Counties. I love running events and raising funds for charity, but I really cannot stand asking for money. I began the Grace Initiative Foundation Tree, a 501(c)3, to support the work I do and to be able to coordinate overlapping events, particularly when I am working on several at a time. Starting in 2016, I hold the Caring Points Picnic, which raises funds for the CARE Center. I love helping Akron Children's Hospital in many ways, but my primary efforts are with the Care Center. Various other causes I have supported are St. Jude Children's Hospital, Special Olympics, Fire Family Foundation, Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit Counties, and many other causes for people, animals, and more.