Goodbye Teens, Hello 20s – It’s finally New Year’s Eve!

Are you ready?! A few last minute notes this morning, then I will try to post any updates by my phone.

Registration – Whether you are staying at the Ritz or coming from elsewhere, registration will be at the entrance of the Higbee Building.

Valet – You will valet your car at the Ritz if you are staying there or at the Higbee Building at 200 W. Prospect with the Bronze awning (at Higbee’s, your parking fee will be charged to me).

Coat Check – When you register, the Coat Check will be on the first floor, but they will move it later in the evening to the tenth floor where we are. The goodie bags will be near here when you are leaving.

Walking from the Ritz – there will be plenty of people to assist you in getting to the Silver Grille. We have decided we will likely also put some of the decorations out. There are two ways to walk through the tower city area – on the lower level with the escalators, you go under the street and won’t need to go outside. If you don’t go to the lower level via escalator, you will have to cross outside.

Photo Ops – I will have various cool decorations and setups on your way into the Silver Grille and some inside it. Enjoy!

Band and DJ breaks – I will have a few things to say during some of the breaks and before midnight – so I may ask you to gather closer at those times.

Seating is random. I expect we will all move around throughout the evening, so don’t worry about where you sit – except I may beg a seat here and here since my back is terrible.

Thank you and Happy 20s to come!!!!

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