About The Grace Name and Crest

We believe in our ethics, principles, and in serving others. Our main focus is victims and survivors of rape, sexual assault, abuse, incest, and domestic and/or dating violence. We work with individuals, groups organizations, universities, and schools in many capacities. We are highly adaptable and motivated and very willing to accommodate, so please contact us with any questions or ideas you might have. We are located in Hudson, Ohio, but we are willing to work anywhere to the best of our ability. Our main role is to provide a liaison between people and charitable organizations, whether we are speaking, doing seminars, advocating, fundraising, educating, or more. When doing things on our own, we focus on RAINN, the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network, though we are not limited to it. We built our name and designed our crest and logo to represent how we wish to serve and to form a symbol of what we offer and hope each person will gain from being associated with us in whatever capacity they choose.   

"Grace" represents us as a whole and was formed from some of our pillars of belief: Giving, Responsibility, Awareness, Charity, and Education. "Initiative"  is another pillar of belief but also represents what we do, who we recognize, and what we ask of ourselves and others.  We initiate, but we also try to provide a way for others to initiate as well. "Foundation" represents both what we are legally and symbolically as an organization serving as a strength between individuals and grace. 
We used “Tree” both so our acronym would be G.I.F.T. and to represent our many aspects: sometimes we are the seed, others the roots, others the branches or the leaves – all at their various cycles. A tree is always changing and growing like the world around us, and in the same way, we must change to adapt to the needs of people and the organizations that want to help them. A tree has roots beneath the surface to form a strong foundation and maintain balance during storms and adverse conditions. It branches, as do the choices we make and the paths we can take. It is a source of life for many-  it needs care but is strong on its own. The Grace Initiative may take part at any level of the tree, so it represents our adaptability, purpose, service, and care. 
We built our name and designed our crest and logo to represent how we wish to serve and to form a symbol of what we offer and hope each person will gain from being associated with us in whatever capacity they choose. 
Our logo elements are a crest built from wings, a shield, and natural elements. The background is marble, representing stability, tradition, and rebirth. The wings represent the symbolic method to fly and soar for each person and for us as an organization. We chose wings to represent the griffin who refuses to be taken captive and the phoenix for self renewal. We hope to symbiotically and/or commensally achieve higher and higher states of grace and G.R.A.C.E. 

The shield is for protection and represents a layer between the victim or survivorand their abuse or abuser(s). The shield’s main element is a willow tree, representing healing, dreams, and inner vision. Beneath the willow is a subtle compass for direction and going forward.  The four leaves around the shield are from an oak, a birch, an aspen, and a holly tree. The oak is for strength and courage. The birch is for new beginnings, cleansing, and protection. The aspen is for determination and overcoming fears and doubts. The holly tree is for overcoming anger, for protection, and most importantly, to represent the spiritual warrior.  To the lower sides are a magnolia on the left and an almond blossom on the right. The magnolia represents perseverance, and the almond is for hope and contemplation. 
The colors were chosen for different meanings as well. We try to maintain a pallet of colors close to maroon, green, black, beige, copper and other metals. Maroon shows a need for healing, and we chose it as the base for all of the healing and positive aspects of our symbols. Green represents peace, harmony, benevolence, and service. Copper is for healing and energy. Gold is for health, wisdom, and light. Silver is for awareness, persistence, and strength. Black is for strength. Beige is for calmness and enhancement. We used it as a base so that we could bring calmness as a whole and then complement and enhance all of our symbols, colors, meanings, and hopes. The right wing is the wing of the phoenix with dark blue for calmness and light blue for sensitivity and perception. 

Grace Initiative Foundation Tree