From These scraps of life (tiny stories and illustrations)  are intended to provoke the reader's own thoughts, creativity, inspiration and more. Intentional ambiguity creates room for the reader's own interpretation, and all pronouns can be interchanged (they have randomly been changed by the author).  The stories are from many people of myriad ages the author has met over time. 


A print paperback version will be available soon as well as an ebook, though it is better on newer devices than older.  The ebook is being published to rekindle (ha pun) interest and support the second book coming out, which is going to have more free space for journaling, notes, and things, along with comments on how, why and what you might want to do with the book. It will be dedicated to survivors of sexual violence and, with the author's  profits being donated to RAINN, Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network,
America's Largest Anti-Sexual Violence Organization.

 "every day a hope" shares the "every scraps of life" series style: tiny illustrations with stories. These pages adapt to the reader's thoughts, mood, and experience and encourage the reader to engage in her or his own way. The book is meant to led the reader gently through self exploration, with the reader's perception changing over time as they revisit it.

This book is really for anyone of any age, but with “every day a hope,” I put strict rules on myself to make sure the focus stayed true to my purpose: to address concepts I had encountered working on the online hotline at and with the Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit Counties. I knew the concepts I included would not be limited to survivors of sexual assault, and I wanted anyone to be able to find some joy, peace, introspection, and awareness from it, whether they had nothing on their minds or whether they’d suffered a loss, illness, PTSD, sexual violence, violence, bullying, loneliness or so many more things. I made a list and ensured I explored each topic at least once, and tried to stay away from the most common triggers, especially if there was a grey area where something could appear helpful in one sense or terrifying in another. I apologize for those people who may find something in here that triggers negative feelings or thoughts from their specific situations. As a survivor myself, I can say to anyone: with help, time and healing, the reactions to triggers, the flashbacks, nightmares and more really can get better.

The most important thing? Please, just take care of you.


 every day a hope

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